"The Early Years" collection
"The early years" collection is a collection for the real fans of my music. It shows how it all started back in 1994 when I began to create music, when I didn't have 100,000+ listens on Jamendo or 50+ videos from all over the world on the Internet.

It was a music made only for fun and the listeners were just my parents and a few very close friends. However it amazes me each time I listen it because the abundance of themes and originality is something that I wasn't able to match in the later years. I managed to capture some specific moments of my youth with these songs and each time I listen them they bring back the good memories of my life.

Now I spent more than a year trying to bring those songs back to life, trying to improve the quality of sound (which was a big problem at that time) without losing the feeling of that particular moment. Although improved, you will notice many times that the quality of sound is still poor. But I choose to leave it this way because I love the songs exactly as they sounded at that time. All the music is computer generated (using Scream Tracker or Impulse Tracker - very known tools at that time).

The collection (that contains the best songs from my first six albums) has three parts, each part keeps only the best songs of two albums. It is built chronologically, so the first part has the oldest songs (1994-1996) and the third part has the newest songs (1997-1998).

With this collection I kind of "close the circle" knowing that I released publicly about everything I wanted the world to know about.

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